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Estate Planning

Our clients can benefit from Executive Financial Group’s depth of experience and understanding of the various estate planning issues as well as those not so common problems that sometimes occur during planning the estate and its execution.

During the estate planning phase we work with you and your professional team in assessing the tax implications of potential strategies. Once we’ve helped you create a personalized strategy we will know just what the tax exposure should be and can plan for funding its payment. Additionally, we’ll help you evaluate potential family and charitable gifting strategies. The purpose is to provide the estate’s beneficiaries—both family and nonprofits—with the intended funding while avoiding any unnecessary tax liabilities resulting from poor planning.

Asset protection is another area of our concern. Our financial professionals can evaluate and structure an asset protection program that preserves the value of your assets against risk of loss. Providing sufficient liquidity to run the estate, liquidate certain assets, and execute the intended distribution of other assets is also within our mission. We estimate the required liquidity and achieve it using insurance, annuities, and investments. Our affiliations , can provide the estate and its trusts with the necessary administrative services to ensure a smooth operation. Call us today to begin planning your estate.