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Individual Solutions

Striving to achieve the goals of individuals, families, and businesses.

Retirement solutions for individuals and families: Retirement is more than a dream. It is a documented plan that the professionals at Executive Financial Group turn into reality. We are passionate about creating exactly the right retirement plan that takes you and your family where you intend to go. We will design, implement, and monitor your personal retirement plan. Our objective is to match the target principal balance to your goals at the time you designate. This principal generates the income needed to support your family’s needs. When Michael Rosen designs a retirement plan for you and your family we incorporate four critical elements into the mix:

  • Financial analysis to determine your retirement needs and how to get there.
  • Investments: Executive Financial Group works to allocate capital among the asset classes, funds and securities that can grow into the principal balance required to fund your well deserved retirement.
  • Annuities: Our affiliations allow our retirement professionals to include immediate and deferred annuities in your plan to add an element of stability to your retirement income stream.
  • Tax analysis: We work with your tax professionals to minimize the effects that tax obligations will have on your retirement plan.

If you’re considering the creation of a retirement plan for you and your family, why not seek the counsel of a professional. Call Michael Rosen today.

The information provided is not written or intended as tax or legal advice and may not be relied on for purposes of avoiding any tax penalties. Executive Financial Group does not give tax or legal advice. We encourage individuals to seek advice from their own tax or legal counsel.

Income and asset protection: The professionals at Executive Financial Group utilize their skills to help produce spendable income from our client’s investment and annuity portfolios. At the same time we build a protective fortress around those income-producing assets to avoid unplanned and unwanted surprises. Our years of experience have taught us to first focus on the potential untimely death of the family’s breadwinner. Life insurance provides an excellent way to replace both regular income and the planned contribution to the income producing asset portfolio. Next we consider the possibility of one or more income earners becoming disabled. This could limit the contribution to the asset portfolio. Again, we often use disability income insurance to replace the asset contributions of the income earner(s) to help ensure the asset portfolio continues to grow as well as provide needed current income. Finally, the need for long-term care can be hugely expensive for a long period of time. Such care—if not provided for with long term care planning—can reduce both current income and regular contributions to the asset accumulation portfolio. Don’t put your income or your assets at risk. Call Executive Financial Group for a plan to protect both.